Oakstreet Media is seeking to acquire lower-middle market business-to-business media and information companies that possess leadership brands across multiple channels serving end-markets that have long-term growth.

The Company was established by Tom Kemp in 2008.  Kemp has extensive experience as a senior operating executive of leading business-to-business media companies, as well as a private equity investor in business media at Veronis Suhler Stevenson, one of the leading private equity firms serving the media industry.

Oakstreet Media is targeting lower-mid market media companies with leadership brands that serve their markets with full channels of marketing and information products including print, on-line, face-to-face marketing, and proprietary information.

The company is seeking investments in leading information providers serving attractive vertical markets.  Attractive markets have several common characteristics, including the following:

  • Superior long-term growth, >GDP
  • Highly fragmented both among the buyers/consumers of information and the sellers/vendors in the market
  • Rapid innovation, market changes, and new products
  • High demand and need for proprietary market and competitive information
  • Markets of scale in terms of sales, profits, number of operating companies/organizations and vendors

Oakstreet Media has relationships with a select group of financial investors who share our investment thesis, and who would provide equity capital to complete transactions.  We would prefer to take control equity positions, but welcome the roll-over of a portion of equity by existing shareholders.

The Business-to-Business Media and Information Industry

The business media and information industry has experienced significant secular changes over the last decade.  The introduction of digital technology to the media industry has created both short-term challenges as well as long term opportunities.  Business-to-business marketing expenditures have migrated from legacy branded media to ROI measurable channels including the Internet and event marketing.  This migration has challenged traditional media companies to develop new information channels to offer marketing clients a full array of integrated marketing solutions to serve their needs.

High value proprietary information has also migrated from static print or digital delivery into Internet delivered dynamic information complete with custom software tools to be fully integrated into a customer’s workflow.

We believe strongly in the future growth opportunities of vertically focused business-to-business media and information companies serving attractive growth markets with a full suite of media and information brands.  The convergence of digital media with unique high value content and brands creates unprecedented opportunities for growth for companies and management teams who can successfully migrate their business models across the digital divide.

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